Long-Term Care Services

For some 23 years Martin J. Hagan has been guiding clients through the Medicaid eligibility process, whether for themselves or a spouse, parent, or other family member. 

Protecting assets and income for the at-home spouse, using countable resources to acquire exempt assets, analyzing how the look-back rule will impact a transfer of property to children or others in anticipation of applying for Medicaid, and avoiding the Medicaid estate recovery rules are among the important issues that Mr. Hagan typically addresses.  Creating special Medicaid-protective Trusts as a way of sheltering assets is a solution for many clients.

If applicable, Veterans’ benefits as an alternative source of long-term care coverage will also be discussed.

We invite you to explore our article on Affording Long-Term Care with Medicaid to learn more about these topics.

Please contact Martin Hagan if you would like to schedule a consultation. The legal fee for the consultation will be discussed and agreed upon in advance of the meeting.

If as a result of the consultation the need for additional legal services arises (e.g., the preparation of a trust, deed, or health care power of attorney), the legal fee for such services will be discussed and agreed upon at that time.