Estate and trust administration should be a team effort between the executor/trustee and attorney, both of whom have the common goal of completing the work in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our motto is: Do Things Right the First Time!

This flexible division of tasks allows the executors and trustees to perform as much of the administrative work as they have the time and willingness to do.  At the same time, Martin Hagan and the other professionals at Meyer Unkovic & Scott have the skills and experience necessary to handle the other aspects of the estate and trust administration process, particularly any legal issues that may arise involving claims of creditors, the taxation of estate or trust assets, and disputes among beneficiaries.

To better understand the duties that are involved in handling a typical decedent’s estate and trust in Pennsylvania, please go to our article Settling an Estate and Trust.


At Meyer Unkovic & Scott we use specialized software that allows us to efficiently manage all the data relating to valuations, receipts, disbursements, and sales for use in preparing the estate or trust accounting for beneficiaries, inheritance tax returns, fiduciary income tax returns, and probate inventory.