Married Couple’s  Questionnaire

In preparation for your initial estate planning meeting with Mr. Hagan, we ask that you take the time to compile a list of your assets, including both how they are currently titled (e.g., in the sole name of husband or wife, or owned jointly) and their approximate current value, and to begin considering whom you would want to handle your affairs, both financial and medical, in the event of your later lifetime incapacity and at the time of death.  If your spouse cannot handle such matters, who should be your backup?

We have found that starting the estate planning process in this manner will not only help you to identify your estate planning goals and objectives, but will allow the initial meeting with Mr. Hagan to be more productive.

Please print out the appropriate Questionnaire below, which is available for download in either PDF or Microsoft Word format, complete it to the best of your ability, and bring it with you to your initial meeting.


Married Couple’s Questionnaire in PDF


Married Couple’s Questionnaire in Word


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