Special Needs Trust Services

We work with parents, grandparents, and other family members who are looking to provide funds for the use of a disabled or Medicaid-qualified loved one without jeopardizing their eligibility for public benefits. We also design trusts that can hold a disabled individual’s own assets for their benefit while still preserving their eligibility for Medicaid and SSI.

Achieva Family Trust, which acts as Trustee of many Special Needs Trust throughout Pennsylvania, has included Martin Hagan on its list of attorneys whom it recommends as a specialist in preparing trusts for people with disabilities.

We invite you to read our article, Special Needs Trusts for Disabled and Medicaid-Qualified Beneficiaries, that will give you an in-depth understanding of the planning issues and ideas that the families of a special needs beneficiary should consider.

We will be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your concerns involving disabled family members.  At the end of that meeting we will normally be able to recommend an estate plan that will achieve your goals and objectives. Our fees for preparing the estate plan will be quoted at that time as well.

Call us or send an email to schedule an appointment.